About Us

Templex, inc.
3 Stanley Avenue
Thomasville, NC 27360 USA

PO Box 5648
High Point, NC 27262 USA

Telephone: 336-472-5933
Fax: 336-472-5944
Toll Free (USA): 800-344-2725

Our Mission

Since 1956, Templex has been designing and manufacturing quality products for industrial applications. Our mission is to assist apparel
and textile manufacturers, as well as manufacturers in other industry segments, to create operations that are the most productive, efficient, and quality oriented possible while maintaining environments that are healthy and ergonomically correct.

Our Sales Groups

Templex has three product sales groups:

  • Apparel Group
    • Products for apparel sewn products applications:
      • Our patented compressed air operated waste removal systems
      • Systems and components for industrial sewing machines
  • Hosiery Group
    • Products for textile and hosiery applications:
      • Plastic parts for knitting machines
      • Sock and hosiery transport systems
      • Collectors
      • Turn-sew units
      • Hoses and fittings
      • Clear, rigid tubing and elbows
      • Plastic parts for knitting, seaming, and packing equipment
      • Pneumatic collection and transport systems
      • Turn-sew-turn units
      • Sizing and inspection boards
  • General Products Group
    • General products:
      • Commercial and industrial vacuum and compressed air applications
      • Clear pipe
      • Pipe fittings
      • Vacuum hoses
      • Compressed air tubing and fittings
    • Specialty products:
      • Plastic tube and sheet products custom fabricated
      • Computer machining
      • Vacuum forming
      • Tube bending and forming

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