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New V-1 Vacuum Device

V-1D Hand Held Vacuum Device Compressed Air Operated.
Works in Conjunction with Docking Station or twist lock collection Bag.

#25875 Twist Lock Collection Bag Attachment Included with V-1B            

#25770 Docking Station - Receives Exhaust Hose adaptor and Air supply from V-1D

V-1D & V-1B Hand Held Vacuum Device (OPTIONS)

V-1D V-1B

  • Compressed Air Operated - 80psi / 5.5 bar (reccomended)
  • Produces 12 to 13 inches of Mercury Vacuum
  • Flexible 5/16"I.D. Nozzle
  • Ideal for Removal of Dust, Lint and small grandular particals

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