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UT Waste Bag


  • Flexible
  • Affordable

The UT Under Table mounted waste Bag Units collect and contain cut chain, trimmed waste, dust, oily lint and other debris form the sewing machine head.

Mounts under table - around drawer
Quick and easy to empty
Double inlets for many uses

TBV-190 1 1/2" & 3/4" inlets  
TBV-191 2" & 3/4" inlets        

Assembled View
TBV-190 #25770 TBV-2002

AirVac Docking Station #25770

  • Makes Machine Cleaning a Snap
  • Service One to Ten Machines with a Single Vacuum Gun
  • Adapts To Any Machine
  • Quick Connect Supply & Discharge Hoses

 25570 AirVac Docking Station  

Install TBV-190 under front left corner of table top.

Install #25770 AirVac docking station under front edge of table top.

Connect 3/4" exhaust hose from TBV-190 to #25770.

Connect 1/4"/6mm tubing from quick disconnect (female) to compressed air supply.

"2n1" Vacuum Gun
With Hose Kit


  • Improved Vacuum
  • No Messy Clean-Up

To use: connect TBV-2002 Vacuum Gun exhaust hose with adaptor and compressed air male quick disconnect into AirVac docking Station.

Operates best at 80 psi or (5.5 bar)

TBV-2002 Vacuum Gun 

25767 Hose & Tube Kit 
(for old style TBV-2001)


Now simply plug in TBV-2002 Vacuum Gun to clean machine.

All oily lint and debris is contained in TBV-190 Waste Bag unit.

Up-grade later to Chain Removal, Waste Removal, or Chain & Waste Removal



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Last Update: Tuesday, August 08, 2006